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Written for interscholastic athletic administrators by an interscholastic athletic administrator.


220 pages of practical, thoughtful and helpful perspective on the life, work and challenges of the interscholastic athletic administration profession.


53 short chapters that give athletic directors looking to grow in their profession the help, encouragement and challenge necessary to be their very best. Each chapter focuses on an area that is common to the every day life and work of the high school athletic director. Honest feedback from the author who has been in the midst of those everyday challenges and not always come out on top. Examples abound on what the author did and wished he would have done in certain situations.


The Athletic Director Survival Guide focuses on four distinct areas of athletic director life:

The daily basics of being an athletic director (paperwork, time management, Hall of Fame, Details)

The daily challenges of living the AD life (AD health, parents, politics, power)

Fundraising and Marketing for your athletic program. (booster clubs, capital projects, marketing, promotions)

Working with coaches (hiring and evaluation, coaches meetings, ineffective coaches)

Working with student athletes (life skills, Captains Club, student part of being a student athlete)


Practical help for you and your colleagues! $35.00 per copy. $50 including packing and shipping.