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Oregon AD's react to AD Survival School 2014


“The Survival Guide is something I can put to use every single day. It is a great resource…….great format, small group size made for ample opportunities to interact”. Dave Ehrhardt, South Umpqua HS


“It was excellent, well worth the time and money….The Survival Guide is an excellent resource, What practical help DIDN’T I receive? The AD Survival School gave me the foundational tools I need to start my career as an athletic administrator” Justin Parker, North Valley HS


“Thank you so much for all your help. All AD’s, new or experienced would benefit from the Survival School. Having it early in the summer is a great time of year to recharge and get ready for the upcoming year”, Andy Codding, Ridgeview HS  

“Totally Awesome! Perfect timing and discussions” Gabe Pagano, Summit HS


“Before going into my new position I felt like I was in a canoe without a paddle. This class was able to provide the paddles and direction”. Jeromy Graybill, Siuslaw HS


“Whenever I attend professional growth clinics I consider it a success if I can gather and apply at least one thing that makes me more effective. AD Survival School gave me multiple ideas for growth and was a total success” Rory Oster, Camas HS


“The two sessions flew by. Appreciate your energy, honest and willingness to share what you know” J.P. Soulagnet, Corbett HS


"By the way, the AD Survival Guide is really remarkable. Read ten chapters last night. So real and inspiring".  Ken Yarnell, Principal, Aloha High School Beaverton OR.



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