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Stretch your yourself and your athletic program. Many interscholastic athletic administrators have rarely if ever had a thorough evaluation of their work at their school. Thrive Athletic Consulting, LLC offers a 360 degree evaluation of the AD and/or the entire school athletic program.  Get the objective help you need by having experienced outside counsel give you a clear, concise outside point of view on your current possibilities within your interscholastic athletic program.


Baseline data gathered from this process can be used for strategic planning or vision casting for your athletic program.

Projects and Project Management


Hit the finish line with your important projects. Thrive Athletic Consulting  can assist you in finishing plans already underway or by helping your design much needed projects that need an outside hand in following through to completion.


Capital campaigns for facilities and other special needs.

Developing your own sucessful sports marketing program.

HELP in revitalizing your athletic program in need of energy and future possibilities.

Community wide vision casting and program support.

Developing  year long coaches meeting program and a coaches evaluation program.


Todays interscholastic athletic administrator often can feel alone like the goalie in a soccer game. Let Thrive Athletic Consulting assist you in keeping the ball in play in your daily work. Perspective is a tough to get when you are in the midst of a major challenge with the parent of a student athlete or administrator, student athlete or coach on your staff.


All of us need assistance in maintaining our direction, focus and momentum. You cannot do it alone. Let Thrive Athletic Consulting step in to provide you with a voice of encouragement and perspective.


Athletic Director Survival School


Looking to "tee up" a professional development opportunity that is practical, affordable and challenging? The AD Survival School is for you! Two all day sessions will focus on your top current most immediate needs by using the Athletic Director Survival Guide as the text. .


The 16 hours together will focus on the top 10 practical challenges that AD's are currenty encounteing. Materials provided, relevant discussion will allow assist each participant in coming away with a professional growth plan for the upcoming year.